'Training row-athons'

Concept 2- April Fool Challenge

(+ a bit extra for a bit of fun!)

Row 1 km to correspond with the

date through April  upto a half

marathon on the 21st!

(eg 1 km on the 1st, 2 km on the 2nd,

3km on the 3rd and so on upto the 21st)

Total distance: 231km

Completed by TB and JS 21/04/20.

Tim and Charlie Bryant making it look easy! Julian Smith, feeling the pain!


Rowvember was entirely conceived  as a "good idea" whilst carrying out a Pelvic Exenteration for recurrent Colorectal cancer.  Charity funding and charity events have been majorly effected through the COVID pandemic so it seemed like a good time to rise to the challenge!

Rowvember- A team of 3 people row 1 MILLION meters in November- SIMPLES!

Broken down its 333,333.3m each or about 33,000 strokes or 11km per day!