The Urology Centre is a purpose built area to deliver and outpatient facility for consultation, investigations such as flexible cystoscopy and urodynamics, as well as treatments including bladder instillations and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.  

It opened in December 2019 and its been a challenging first year with COVID-19.

We have ambitious plans for expansion of services in 2021 but after the trust invested heavily building the Urology Unit we are looking to fund our projects with charity contribution where possible.

The wish list is long and we certainly need help achieving our goals:

1) New ultrasound machine: to provide a one-stop clinic for patients.  The utopia is to provide a service where a patient can be referred with any simple urology condition and for that patient to be seen, investigated, diagnosed and leave with a treatment decision in one visit, rather than having to have multiple visits for tests then wait for a follow up appointment.

2) Intra-operative ultrasound probe: to help delineate anatomy in complex robotic partial nephrectomy

3) EMDA- Electromotive bladder instillation machine: This is for patients with high risk bladder cancer to aid delivery of mitomycin chemotherapy into the bladder wall using ionic charge.

4) Local anaesthetic procedural equipment for ureteric stenting and ureteric stent change in the urology centre rather than in theatre or radiology.