Intra-operative radiotherapy (IORT): In the summer 2016, University Hospital Southampton will became the first UK hospital to offer IORT. It is an innovative treatment which is designed to decrease the risk of local recurrence in high risk cancer by adopting a maximally aggressive approach combining both surgery and radiotherapy. Therefore, a high, single fraction radiation dose is delivered DURING the surgical procedure straight to the tumour bed or any irresectable tumour.

In urology, we have now used this for high risk bladder cancer and also have plans for kidney cancers where there are tumour cells at the edge of the specimen, where the chance of local recurrence is significant. Patients would have an operative approach to make every effort to remove all the cancer but the surgeon would also identify the areas most at risk of local recurrence and would immediately deliver intra-operative radiotherapy to those areas. We would offer this not only to UHS patients but also to patients referred from other hospitals.